William Griffin


William has a Professional Science Master’s degree in Applied Physics from the University of Northern Iowa and has worked with DISTek since 2007, serving in a variety of roles over the years including test engineer, model-based system design (MBSD) engineer, and leader of multiple teams and programs.

As a newcomer to Des Moines, he has felt very welcomed into the technical community here and saw an opportunity to give back while further enriching it by facilitating the formation of an inclusive organization focused on a shared interest in the embedded domain.

Bailey Steinfadt


Bailey has a degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. She has worked in a wide mix of roles in automation, electronics, and engineering over the last 14 years. Her career’s theme has been to make other’s jobs easier or more valuable.

Attending Hackaday Supercon, she realized she was craving the energy and community that event brought and wanted to see that at home in Des Moines. She knew many people working in and around the industry, but there wasn’t a group, place, or event for them to get together. Meeting William at the Maple Studios grand opening was the catalyst to start creating that community by launching the first Hardware Hangout.


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